From coast to coast: My very first post!!

Well hello there!

This is me! (sporting my favorite Carrie Bradshaw inpsired hair)

Allow myself to introduce…..myself……. 

I’m Mel! I’ve also been called Melly Belly, Mellers, Melissa or MCF . My official name is currently Melissa Christie-Fougere (a mouthful, I know) but I’m soon to be Melissa Lehman and I’m super gosh darn pumped to be marrying one awesome guy!

I’m very excited to being sharing my experiences, my knowledge and myself with well,….everyone.

Two and half years ago I embarked on a nice little plane trip (by nice I mean 14 hrs) with my cute little kitty cat Thai from the very absolute east side of Canada, St John’s Newfoundland, to the very most west coast of Canada, Vancouver British Columbia.  Graeme Lehman (who’s puts exercise and nutrition into “Layman’s terms” Thai and I moved to the beautiful, snow caped, ocean front enormous city of Vancouver.

The view atop Signal Hill in Newfoundland.

The bestest cross eyed, meowing purry siamese kitty around.

We left behind the cutest little yellow row house, a collection of beautiful friends and a piece of our screech loving hearts so that I could follow my dreams.  I had endeavored to pursue a goal I had scribbled onto a piece of paper back in 3rd grade. I wanted to become a doctor! Yes that’s right I left the beautiful, friendly, boozey, freezing, rainy city of St John’s to bring health to the ENTIRE world and another rainy, beautiful city that might be a little less boozey.

Our little house in Newfieland

I had just finished writing an exhaustive thesis on memory, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and a whole pile of jargon about rat olfactory bulbs and published what I think is a pretty smart paper on neonatal olfactory learning, in a pretty great journal: Neuroscience.

Towards the end of my master’s degree my life didn’t have much direction, but certainly had a great deal of fun.   Have you been to George street? Enough said. I had decided I couldn’t do research and quite frankly, decided I’d rather hang out with people, instead of baby rats.

Cute errrrr. gross right?

One winter evening, I was driving a friend to her nutrition class and it occurred to me that I’d totally dig a nutrition class. Then I got to thinking. I wondered if there was a profession out there that involved teaching, being your own boss, learning about supplements and food as medicine while allowing me to learn all about the human body. I literally thought I had invented the next best thing, until my ignorant, unknowing east coat mind was quite literally blow away to learn that there was a profession as giving, complex and awesome as Naturopathic Medicine.

I feverishly researched this new medicine until 3 am that night and discovered the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, in beautiful BC.  I was hooked! I wanted to learn how to expand the length of human life, while enhancing it’s quality! (Awesome, right?)  I was immediately captured by a vision of acupuncture needles, physical medicine, plants, supplements and a holistic view of the human body.

The very next day I paid in a lump sum the tuition I owed to Memorial University of Newfoundland for my Masters degree (kind a big deal, because there were lots of shoes I would have rather purchased) and enrolled in a biochemistry elective I needed as a pre-requisite for another, (3rd one’s a charm right?) degree!

Our first class get together!

Smart, good looking, kind people.

…….and here I am. A student physician of naturopathic medicine. I’m learning how to prescribe drugs, I know A LOT of nutraceutical therapies, I love plants and think they are an amazing form of medicine, I’m learning how to crack your back, how to assess your sore shoulder and how to see your body as a beautiful chinese work of art.

I can’t wait to share this blog with you all! I have many stories, experiences and lessons to share.  Stay tuned and keep on reading on… 🙂


4 thoughts on “From coast to coast: My very first post!!

  1. Melissa is a well-trained and well-traveled student who I am proud to have worked alongside in Mexico with Naturopaths Without Borders. She will make an excellent physician and she’s so studious she knows the intricacies of Reishi mushroom therapeutics! 🙂

  2. I am so proud of you ! excellent !

  3. Great job on the blog! Can’t wait to read more.

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