Why am I here? and what’s my purpose?

Today I’ve been thinking a lot about purpose.

Why do I exist? Who do I serve? Will my existence make a difference?

I mean whooooaaa, those are heavy questions.

Earth’s view of the universe

So, in this moment, after a lovely day with some inspiring patients, fueled by a nice goblet full of wine, I’ll attempt to tackle these queries.

What’ s my purpose?

Dictionary.com describes purpose as an aim or a goal; an intention; a desired result, the matter at hand, the reason something exists.

Why are we here? Why am  I  here?

There are more people on the earth then ever in the history of all time. Is it for a reason? Some would argue that the world is over-populated because we’re careless, because of science, but if you’re like me and you believe that everything that is and has ever been is connected and one, then you might also be wondering like me, why so many of “us” are now here on earth in human form.

I feel to my core that I am here to bring joy, to inspire openness, and to enable as many souls as possible to reach the level they are meant to attain. What does that mean? It means that with optimism, empathy, caring, intelligence and intuition I hope to facilitate the path someone was always meant to be on. By facilitate I mean to make things easier. Sometimes we need a little help getting to the place we want to, and ought to be.  If we are all in fact meant to be a certain way, how do we get lost along the way? Or do we? This again depends on your spiritual beliefs,  but I’d suggest that we all end up where we’re suppose to….eventually. It’s just messier and harder for some of us and may take longer…much longer for a few.

Back to purpose

Maybe then our purpose, my purpose is simply to make use of the gifts with which I/we were born? If I had to describe a strength, which I think is intimately connected to purpose; it would be my desire to interact with others. I love meeting new people, love hearing what they have to say, love looking into their eyes, love love love the way I feel around others and just want to interact with all living things.

In a lot of ways I feel that the entirety of my experiences have always been leading to my purpose, to be a physician and an enabler of health. I was always drawn to psychology, the human body, health, and volunteer opportunities that allowed one on one interaction where I was able to help someone, in some direct way. I was a lifeguard, women’s sexual health crisis volunteer, I worked with children who had disabilities, I fed bed ridden veterans, I played music for the ill and have always been interested in science.

I used to think my purpose was to go to allopathic medical school. I crossed my Ts and dotted my Is, studied hard, got great grades and wrote the dreaded MCAT. but then my life’s real purpose stepped in. I experienced a loss, followed by another, followed by another and all this pain generated rawness,. To be raw, truly vulnerable and at a proverbial low can be beautiful but can be utterly devastating. The self reflection that followed changed me the way I needed to be altered so that I would continue to follow the path I’m on. I hurt so that I could attain my purpose. That’s a massive thought. The pain we’re experiencing today, the things that are going wrong in our lives at this very moment, in all the moments of the past were perhaps required to get you right here. To get you right where you are. 

I began to realize that I wanted the opportunity to explore the very depth of what it means to be healthy.  Which is one of hundreds of reasons I chose to become a Naturopathic Physician. And out of the rawness came beauty, a purpose. A right hand turn that in that moment felt exactly right. Felt exactly purposeful.

Who do I serve?

I think my professor was looking for me to narrow down my cliental, to begin to decide who I wish to treat.  Truthfully I feel I serve the vis. The energy that is in everything and everyone.  I wish to serve those who need it. That’s it. Very simple folks.  If my help is needed, I’ll gladly serve.

Will I make a difference

I believe that to be.…… is to make a difference.

but perhaps I’ll elaborate on the difference I hope to make in the health care system. I believe in my ability to teach others about the contributing factors to their health and well-being. I wish for everyone I interact with to be inspired, and motivated to take responsibility for their health. To understand that their diet, their environment, their relationships, their sleep, the amount of water they drink and their outlook on life GREATLY influences their health and the way they feel.

I wish to stand up for our profession. Naturopathic Medicine is still a controversial modality of medicine. There are ne sayers and there are those who passionately believe in it. I won’t back down. I won’t be intimidated by those who condemn Naturopathic Physicians. I will stay strong, optimistic and eager to teach all those willing to learn about our medicine.  For this reason, I feel that I will make a difference to the awareness surrounding our profession.


I challenge you to think about your talents. What brings you joy?  What drives you to depths of your soul?

I can almost certainly say that if you live your life by following your heart and if you are midfully present through-out your days; you will end up doing exactly what you were meant to. If we are honest and true to ourselves and find the courage to allow ourselves to just be, we always end up where we were suppose to.

Don’t settle for anything less then a life full of fulfillment.

Follow your heart to your purpose and then live that life.

For now… keep on reading on… 🙂


2 thoughts on “Why am I here? and what’s my purpose?

  1. I loved reading every word. Thank you

  2. wonderful. Love it.

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