C is for clinic

I’m a Mrs.

Until 2 weeks ago I was a spinster! at least by Jamaica’s standards. It’s their female equivalent to the term bachelor and I think its a pretty cool word.

I got MARRIED!! and we had a beautiful perfect wedding. If I could, I’d live forever in that day.

We vowed to love each other forever through everything life offers us, and we were fortunate enough to say those vows in front of some of the people we love and cherish most in this world.

Take a peak at our photos with the facebook link above and I hope you all can excuse me for the large amount of time between posts!

While I’m at apologies I also want to apologize for not yet giving out specific health hints.  Unfortunately, making health recommendations at this point is practicing medicine without a license. I can speak vaguely about general health but can’t discuss specific supplements and treatments…. at least not yet…bummer. I can however do so with the supervision of a licensed doctor so come see me in the clinic!

Clinic requirements for becoming a doctor of naturopathic medicine

Our clinic hours begin in the very first year of our naturopathic education. We start with shadow shifts where we listen in on doctor/intern consultations about patients and observe the clinic in action.

By third year we’re ready for patient contact, and while maintaing 28 hours of classroom time, we also spend 12 hours in the clinic located at our school, or one of the satellite clinics.

In fourth year, we’re the boss. I’m weary, excited, petrified, perplexed and empowered by the thought that in a mere few months I will be the primary care physician for several patients. Yikes! In fourth year we partake in 32 hours of clinic, and 8 hours of classroom work. Finally we get to be doctors. After all medicine isn’t learned in a textbook, or an online course. It’s learned in a clinical setting with patients whose concerns are not word for word textbook depictions (although some are hahaha). We get to see first hand just how individual health truly is and we’re lucky enough to be practicing a medicine that allows us to account for each of those beautiful individualistic characteristics

high quality affordable health-care

The Boucher Clinic

650 patients visit the clinic per month! We (the student interns) work under the supervision of licensed naturopathic physicians, where we get to practice our clinical nutrition, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, counseling, physical medicine and botanical medicine. After a thorough assessment, naturopathic treatments are selected using a holistic approach based on the needs of each patient.

Our 3 satelite clinics offer affordable health care to families, cancer patients and patients living with HIV or AIDS.


Vancouver Friends for Life Society offers programs and services free of charge to people living with cancer, HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening illnesses.

Victoria Clinic

The Family Naturopathic Clinic provides naturopathic health-care services free of charge to young parented, low-income families (The only clinic in the entire country providing this service!)


There are 4,800 HIV positive members of Positive Living BC ; Western Canada’s largest AIDS service organization. The naturopathic clinic offers people living with HIV/AIDS free of charge one-one supervised student clinic sessions.

Currently I am working at the Boucher clinic, but I recently finished an intensely fulfilling term working at friends for life.  The strength, courage, honesty and vulnerability of the patients I have had the pleasure of treating is without description. It is second only to the appreciation, kindness and sincerity these patients return to the clinicians who work so tirelessly on improving their health and well-being.  I witnessed miraculous changes, counseled patients through enormously difficult life altering decisions and was trusted with some of their deepest thoughts and secrets.  I hadn’t imagined how much I would grow and how accomplished I would feel in such a short time. Making a difference in someone’s life. Facilitating happiness and positive outcomes is indescribably rewarding.


Our clinical training provides the opportunity to develop the skills we’ve worked so hard to learn while we integrate and apply our clinical problem solving and diagnostic skills. We become proficient and effective Naturopathic Physicians!

The breakdown

1,400 clinic hours are required to graduate.

1,225 are spent in direct patient care- 1100 in the teaching clinic and 125 in preceptoring roles.

The remaining hours are spent on assistant shifts in the clinic (75 hours) and in professional development (100 hours).

The assistant shifts require us to make appointments, schedule patients, phone patients for reminders and follow-ups, allow us to practice making herbal tinctures and teas, familiarize us with the supplements available in our dispensary and allow us to practice our laboratory skills where we perform patient venipuncture, blood spot analysis, urinalysis and glucose assessments among other key tests.

Integrating what is taught in the classroom into clinical cases and of course working with real patients who have real health concerns is critical in the development of us, the super awesome well-rounded naturopathic clinical interns.

We work directly with clinical supervisors, who are licenced NDs.  We design, research and present our treatment plans to the supervisor who then offers guidance and suggestions. We work as team, which I think is crucial and wonderful.  There are often multiple ways to handle a case and this allows for double and triple the learning opportunity.  I myself am trying to savour every day in the boucher clinic.

When again will I be surrounded by dozens of the people I love and trust??  A sort of naturopathic bubble, a massive team and an unmeasureable wealth of knowledge and ressources.  I think the patients that come to our clinic get the best care around.  They get to see young clinic interns who are very academically fresh, and a licenced doctor with years of experience, who sits in a supervisor room with 3 other docs with just as much to offer.

If I’ve convinced you to come to the clinic, here’s where to find us and me!

We’re on the third floor at  320-435 Columbia Street New Westminster, V3L 5N8
» view map.

We’re right in a skytrain station, so its easy to get to us!

I’m seeing patients on Mondays from 12-8pm all summer.

I really hope to see you there!

For now, keep on reading on. 🙂

Walking life’s path with an amazing guy!

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