D is for detox

Ohhhhh summer, you have been amazing!!!

You were filled with beer drinking afternoons, long days soaking in the sun at the beach, hot summer evenings, delicious bbqs, wonderful times with friends and maybe one too many smokies.

The air has become a little more crisp, but the sun is still shinning and the temperature is still lovely and warm.

It seems fall is just around the corner and it smells like pumpkin spice lattes outside.

Tis the season for things to end and for a fresh healthy start.

D is for DETOX!

Fall is one of the best times to detox!

Detoxification is defined as the physiological or medicinal removal of “substances” from the body. Subtances like all the bready goodness you’ve been eating, the chemicals you put on your skin and the incredible amount of booze you consumed over the summer days and nights.

What’s a toxin?

Your body is producing toxins this very moment. The everyday physiological functions of our body produces toxins and by-products. If not properly eliminated they can cause harmful effects.  Not only do our basic day to day bodily functions produce loads of toxins but so do bacteria, synthetic foods, processed foods,chemicals, the weather, electronics, cleaning supplies, water, perfume, pesticides thoughts ,emotions, stress, alcohol, coffee, exercise and the list goes on and on.

What happens when toxins build up? What is toxicity

When waste products produced from cellular metabolism and digestion are not eliminated, they can cause irritation and inflammation in every cell and tissue in your body.  A build up of toxins blocks normal functioning on a cellular, organ, system and entire whole person level and lead to chronic diseases and illness.

You know that headache you get, that fatigue you’re experiencing, your seasonal allergies, your acne or skin rash, those coffee/alcohol & sugar cravings you get? Those are all signs that your toxicity glass may be more then half full and you could be walking around in a smoldering body full of toxic debri.

Our brilliant bodies handle toxic substances by either neutralizing them,  changing them into another form or eliminating them completely from the body.

Specific parts of our body are designed to remove and process toxins

  1. The liver:
    • Detoxification’s best friend!  It processes everything we eat and drink and modifies every molecule into a safer & easier to eliminate form.to
  2. Our skin:
    • Sweating is a very important way to eliminate toxins-so consider purchasing a more natural anti-perspirant
  3. Our digestive system
    • Daily bowel movements are imperative for adequate toxin removal-Constipation substantially hinders our ability to eliminate toxins
  4. Our lungs
    • Eliminate metabolic toxins with every exhale
  5. Our kidneys
    • Eliminate toxins through our urine

Ok, ok. So now what?

Let’s assume you’re like me and your summer consisted of  3 months of indulging in any and all foods your heart desired and drinking lots of alcohol. Chances are your body could use a little extra help eliminating the leftovers from your summer of fun.

But what to do? There are A LOT of detox fads out there and this little ND to be has a pretty strong opinion on detoxing.

My opinion: Not all detoxes are created equal and no one detox suits us all. Given that you are a beautiful individual with your own taste in fashion, music and food you need your very own unique detoxification program too. There are pills, there are fasts, special diets, colonics, IVs, heavy metal chelation.  You name it, it exists.

The trick is to select the right speed of detoxification, the right strength and the right intensity specifically for you.

If done improperly or too quickly detoxification can make things worse!

Consider the following analogy:

You decide to wash your dishes

You need:

  1. Soap to remove the dirt
  2. Water to rinse
  3. A functioning drain to release the dirt once its cleaned
  4. Then you let the water dry off

The same goes for cleansing

  1. Soap: You need help extracting toxins from your body-that’s where the nutraceuticals, herbs, homeopathics, drainage etc comes in
  2. Water: You need to dilute the toxins to make them more readily excretable-that’s where the water intake is very important, lymph draianage and physiological homeostasis.
  3. Drain: You need to be able to eliminate the toxins once you’ve got them hanging about in your system-a detox gets all the “dirt” out of your cells but you need an outlet so they can leave your body for good. This is why you need proper liver fxn, kidney fxn, skin brushing, and bowel functioning.
  4. Dry: You need to sweat-this is where saunas, steam rooms, hydrotherapy come in

Come see me in the clinic on Fridays 8am til 8pm if you think you’d like help with detoxifying your way into a super duper fall.

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4 thoughts on “D is for detox

  1. Great post, I admire the writing style 🙂 A little off topic here but what theme are you using? Looks pretty cool.

  2. Love the concept and the writing style of your blog, Mel. Interesting/useful information.

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