A new year, some new thoughts

It’s a new year! A fresh slate, a time of resolve. A time to reflect on what you want from your life.

Winston Churchill once said that you create your own universe as you go along. We are all responsible for the entirety of our lives.  For our feelings.  For our actions.  For our happiness and lack thereof.


Life is suppose to be fun.  It should be magical, it should be beautiful and it certainly should be happy.

me and my siblings loving the shit out of our fort!

loving the shit out of our fort!

Your thoughts are the most powerful tool you have in designing your life.  In fact, all that you are is a result of what you have thought.  Unfortunately, this is true of negative thoughts and of positive ones.


What you resist will always persist and you can shift this by focusing on your DO wants rather then your DON’T wants. You get what you think about, whether it’s wanted or un-wanted.

Albert Einstein said “Imagination is everything.  It is the preview to life’s coming attractions” – Smart man.

So on this new day, the first of a new calendar I resolve to imagine my life as I wish it. In fact I intend not only to imagine it, but to feel as though I am already living my own personal bliss.



  1. I will focus on the things I have to be grateful for.
  2. I will count my blessings.
  3. I’ll remember that the feelings I put out into the world are the same ones that will be returned to me.
  4. I will approach every task and every challenge this new year brings with the idea that:

Whether I think I can or can’t, either way I am right. 

Welcome  2013, welcome love, welcome laughter.

457121_10152128275204460_585040360_o (1)


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